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Why Use Our Roof Cleaning & Coating System?

  • Your roof is looking past its age and has unsightly moss and lichen growth.

  • Your mortar has been weathered and loosened due to ware and tear.

  • A few of your tiles are cracked and chipped and allow water penetration.

  • Your old, dirty moss stricken roof doesn’t do the overall appearance of your house any justice.

  • It’s now a fraction of the price to improve the effectiveness and appearance of your roof instead of totally replacing it.

  • Extend the overall life of your existing roof with a 12 Year manufacturers Guarantee.

  • The more moss on your roof the more water it retains causing cracking when freezing and thawing.

  • Improving the quality and look of your home can only increase the market value and is always a sound investment and money well spent.

  • Don’t wait until its too late and your roof has gone beyond repair. The longer you leave things the worse the problem gets, leaving it more prone to storm damage.

  • Add an extra three layers to your tiles to prevent any water penetration and still allow your roof to breathe. All roofs are primed and re-sealed before applying two top coats.

  • Don’t have an impact on the environment and planet by replacing something that still does its job. Rejuvenation instead of replacement makes sense.

  • The money you save cleaning and coating your old roof can be spent elsewhere on the house or on your family.