"Discover The Roof Cleaning & Coating Process!"

  • Initially we will come and assess the quality of your existing roof and its felt and to confirm its condition and that it doesn't need replacing.
  • During the roof cleaning stage we power wash your old tiles removing all moss and lichen, which is then followed by a full clean down of the rest of your gutters, fascias and windows to complete the cleaning process.
  • Replace broken tiles and fix chipped tiles. Re-point and re-cement any loose ridges and also repair loose lead and damaged valleys. Then apply a coat of algae and moss repellent.
  • Now your old roof is ready to be completely resealed with a primer paint that is unique to our process.
  • Finally, we apply two top coats of roof coating sprayed on under pressure to completely reseal and renew your roof. This is more than a bit of cosmetic makeup and more robust than similar paint jobs.

What are the advantages of Roof Coating?

Waterproof Roof
Coating Benefits

  • Prevents Water Retention Which In Turn Prevents Tiles Cracking

  • Superb Water Repellence

  • Stable In Strong Sunlight & At Varying Temperatures

  • Reduces Surface Tension

  • Improves Stain & Mark Resistance

  • More Resistance To Moss Growth

  • Operates Over A Large Temperature Range

  • Durable & Cleanable


"Nothing seems too much for their workers, not only did I get a first class job done to my roof, all the facias, soffits, gutters and windows got a full clean. I felt like I was in safe hands all along and I saved over a £1,000 compared to other quotes that I had received."

Mrs Senior, Liverpool