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Roof Coating – The Economical and Environmental Benefits

Roof Coating Close-upHaving your roof cleaned, professionally resealed and coated with a good quality roof tile paint can save you thousands of pounds compared to having a complete new roof.  Your roof will then look newer for a lot longer with very few signs of deterioration.

To get an end result like this though make sure the roof coating company doesn’t cut corners by not re-sealing your old tiles first with a primer paint, this is very important. Also do your research on what roof paint they’re using and make sure it’s high quality.

Unfortunately there are some roof coating companies who use cheap paints to make more profits which can result in paint flaking away, resulting in your roof looking unsightly in years to come. So don’t always go for the cheapest quote!

By now we’ve all got used to using a few bins for our rubbish instead of one. Recycling makes sense not only on the environment, but as previously stated on your pocket and your conscious if you have any concern for the planet you live on.

There will be a couple of less skips going to landfill sites by restoring your original tiles and removing any roof moss and lichen. Out of all the roofs I’ve inspected and coated myself the only damage to the roof has been on the tiles surface which can now be completely restored instead of replaced.

Also the quantity of materials used in having your roof coated is minimal compared to re-tiling the whole of your roof and using a trees worth of wood  for new batons, a couple of rolls of felt and a lorry load of cement based tiles. This obviously has a greater impact on the environment to produce compared to a few barrels of paint.

The carbon foot print of re-tiling oppose to re-coating as you can imagine could be anywhere from ten to fifty times more in the production of materials and transport required. Not that many people would take this in to account when carrying out home improvements but I think it’s worth a mention.

If you do decide to get your roof coated then you shouldn’t have any problems with sediment build up in your gutters over the years because a proper coating will significantly reduce surface erosion. This will free your gutters of silt build up which in turn puts weight on the guttering system and effects water displacement.

Also because your tiles will no longer be porous, rain water will run off the roof a lot more effectively instead of soaking into your tiles, which can cause cracking and tiles breaking when the water freezes.

Like all types of work you have carried out on your home, not only will your roof coating make the exterior of your home more appealing to the eye and more sell able to potential buyers, but also increase the market value in the long run and make it stand out from other houses in  your street; Therefore, hopefully giving you the owner – the “feel good factor”.

If you have any further questions that are a concern to you on this subject get in touch with us via email or phone and I would be more than happy to answer them for you.



Andy West  on July 24th, 2010

are we out of your sensible working area ?
we have bungalow with 160 sq metre roof
best quote £2100 any interest ?
Andy West

admin  on July 24th, 2010

Hi Andy, I’ve emailed you, If your interested give me a call 07854 077 654. Cheers, Andy

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